Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Scalene has allocated 40% of all Scalene (3D) Tokens to be forge into artful 3D models for the INO.

Each NFT is 3D art that has been forged to contain an allotment of Scalene (3D) Utility Tokens. 3D Tokens main use case will be for creating 3D art. Each NFT has been forged to contain between 1000 and 100,000 tokens. Scalene NFTs are 3D Objects and high res PNG. When you purchase a Scalene NFT you will receive these files as well as verifiable proof of ownership of the art it contains..

Scalene NFTs will be deployable to our Community-made Games initiative, where owners of these NFTs will be able to earn 3D Tokens by playing games. The capacities of the NFT will influence the gameplay, meaning the higher the token amounts that an NFT contains, the more capacity for gaining rewards once games are released.

Our flagship game Cosmic-3D (working title) will be an asteroid mining game currently in very early stages of development. Players will be able to log into the game with their Polygon wallet, deploy their NFT models, mine asteroids, battle other players and more.

100,000,000 3D Tokens is currently allocated to in-game incentives to support the lifetime of the game.

This is not the only application possible for Scalene NFTs released in INO.

Currently converting an NFT into 3D Tokens is not available and won't be available until the NFT Shredder project is complete. There is no guaranteed timeline for when this will become available at this time.

This is not financial advice, if you are seeking financial advice please contact a professional financial advisor before purchasing Scalene art in INO. Scalene 3D Tokens currently are not on an exchange and have no monetary value. Scalene cannot guarantee that 3D Tokens or NFTs will gain or maintain any amount of monetary value. Please look at Scalene NFTs to be art, first and foremost and the 3D Token to be an experimental innovation that aims to provide future utility to creating new forms of art.

Legal Disclaimer