Create and Recreate NFTs

Mint NFTs. Users will be able to mint NFTs as 3D objects on the Scalene Network

Mint NFTs

Users will be able to mint NFTs as 3D objects on the Scalene Network.

Forge NFTs. At the time of minting, you can forge fungible tokens into the NFT.


At the time of minting, you can forge fungible tokens into the NFT.

Shred NFTs. Withdraw forged tokens from the NFT by a process we call "Shredding."


Withdraw forged tokens from the NFT.
By a process we call "shredding".


NFT Marketplace

Users will be able to list NFTs for sale against multiple cryptocurrencies including Scalene (3D) tokens, ETH / ERC20 tokens, MATIC / Polygon tokens, as well as BNB / BSC tokens.

Minter Marketplace

3D graphic designers will be able to create raw 3D object files to put inside the 3D NFT Minter. When a user mints an object with your design, you will be paid a royalty.

Community-made Games

Community members will be able to develop games using Scalene NFTs. We have put aside 10% of the token allocation for in-game incentives. Ex. Cosmic-3D, a proposed asteroid mining game.

3d NFT Minter

Upload or select your 3d model in the 3D NFT minter.  Customize 3d objects to fit your needs, or use the specifications laid out in your 3D Object file.

Launch tokens

Users will be able to create their own fungible tokens to be forged into NFTs. Each unique and customizable including rarity, color ranges, textures and price. Launch your INO on Scalene. 

Deploy 3d NFTs to VR

Great opportunity for getting exposure on your NFTs. Whether you are trying to sell them or show off your creations, VR is a great option. Guides will be made available to users on how to do this.

Scalene Token Philosophy

Scalene NFTs are art and 3D tokens provide utility for creating new art. We believe that owning an NFT should give the owner an option to create, destroy, and recreate NFTs whenever they choose.

The concept behind the utility and philosophy of the Scalene (3D) Tokens is that if the NFTs created on the Scalene Platform are ever no longer interesting or useful to the owner, they can be destroyed and converted into fungible tokens to fuel the creation of new forms of artistic expression.
Minting is the birth of new art, and shredding is an opportunity for artistic rebirth.

Whether your goal is to create 3d objects for Decentraland, or a new 3d object for a game that you're developing, we are here to support you as artists and creators. Users will be able to obtain Scalene (3D) tokens by playing games, or creating 3D models for the Minter Marketplace, direct purchasing of tokens will never be the only way to get involved.

Token Allocations

Scalene (3D) Token Logo
Initial NFT Offering (INO)
Initial Dex Offering (IDO)
Ecosystem Development
Ecosystem Development
Ecosystem Development
Team & Advisors
Community-made Games
Community Games


Q3 2021

Launch 3D Token on Polygon Network
Beging design, creation and launch of NFTs for Initial NFT Offering (INO)
Allocate tokens (INO, IDO, Business Development, Team & Community-made Games)
Launch Website, Social channels, First Giveaways
Launch Scalene Originals and Scalene Jets

Scalene (3D) Token Logo

Q4 2021

Initial NFT Sale (INO) Continues on OpenSea
Explore opportunities for IDO
R&D for NFT Smart Contracts
Alpha NFT Marketplace Development
Support for Community-made Games

Upcoming 2022

NFT Marketplace Launch
3D NFT Minter
Minter Marketplace
NFT Shredder Contracts
Cosmic-3D Beta